Meet Our Administrative Team

Leadership is Key

Leadership is very important to Hugs-n-Hearts. Miss Pam has put together an administrative team to help manage the 3 buildings at the Polaris location.

Miss Randi is the Administrator of the HNH Campus building. As Pam's daughter, Randi grew up at Hugs-n-Hearts, and began teaching children of all ages in 2007. She has taken a big leadership role in helping shape the future of Hugs N Hearts. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Kent State. Randi plans, organizes and facilitates all the school-agers and wrap-around kindergarten schedules. She also creates and develops the Summer Camp for the school age program. Randi is married to Mr. Josh. Josh is at the North Campus location. They have two beautiful children, Reece and Jax. 

Miss Amanda is the Administrator of the 8989 building and has been at Hugs since 1998. Her Associates Degree is in Early Childhood Development and she has over 25 years of experience. Amanda's expertise is in the Pre-Kindergarten age-group and taught Pre-K at Hugs for 15 years. Amanda coordinates and plans the scheduling for our 75 teachers throughout all 4 buildings. She oversees the touring, wait list, and enrollment process for prospective new families. She also coordinates and plans teacher events and children's activities. Miss Amanda is newly engaged and loves traveling with her fiancé, Ben!

Miss Jessica is the Administrator for the 8979 building.  She has her Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and extensive continuing education with a focus in Child Development. Jessica has over 25 years of experience and has been at Hugs since 1997.  When teachers and parents have a developmental concern about a child, Jessica assists them with classroom and curriculum modifications and the Resource and Referral process.  She also develops and facilitates in-service training in Child Development for the staff, providing our teachers the opportunity to continue to grow their knowledge and skills. Jessica and her husband, Mike, live in the Galena area and are proud Ohio State Buckeye parents to their daughter, Halle.


Mr. Tim is located in our H-N-H Campus building where he oversees our tuition, business accounting and payroll. He is head of transportation and our maintenance supervisor as well as having many other rolls. Tim has his Associate Degree in Business Management. He's been with Hugs-n-Hearts since 1994. Tim worked alongside Miss Pam as she opened up 8979 and the Campus buildings. He lives in the Galena/Big Walnut area and enjoys living in the county.

The administrators oversee the teachers in each of their buildings. They are also your go-to for any questions or concerns regarding your child. We enjoy greeting and seeing all our wonderful Hugs families.